[Odyssey Irum]Project Team Trip


The project team class is one of the most important classes for us.
First We have created three project teams interested in social issues. After completing the basic research on the subject, we made a trip in teams to find relevant organizations and figures
Let me introduce some of them. 

< 'Children's Human Rights' Team>

The members of this team visited the Korea Child Abuse Prevention Association and Save the Children, a child relief organization, to talk and conduct interviews. We invited Kim Hee-jin, a child rights lawyer, and interviewed her in person.



<Animal Protection Team>

The members of this team went aournd  Jeju Island to listen to the voices of various people who live while taking care of animals. We visited "Jeju Animal Friends" to find out the reality of Jeju's abandoned animals and abused animals in tourism business. Hot Pink Dolphins, a group that protects southern dolphins, are very special to us (photo) On the contrary, we met an aquarium worker who raised and displayed marine animals indoors. During the interview, we heard voices of people on opposite sides. 



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